J.G.Clark & K.M.English: 
Audiologic Care"

New in the 3rd Edition

  • Expanded or new discussions on bullying, suicide ideation and other difficult conversations
  • Discussion of implicit bias and its impact on our clinical interactions with those different from ourselves
  • A series of “Clinical Insights” to accompany the expanded number of chapter vignettes
  • Introduction of a new counseling tool (a Question Prompt List) for families of children with hearing loss
  • Expanded research base supporting person-centered care as an evidence-based practice (EBP)
  • Information on supporting teens’ transition as health care consumers
  • Discussion of the erosive nature of hearing loss on relationships
  • Consideration for end of life; palliative care and hospice
  • Additional Learning Activities and Discussion Questions

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2nd Edition is Out of Print

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     “Clark and English continue to demonstrate why their names are synonymous with expertise in audiologic counseling” …. “[this edition is] a rare gem in our field”…. “essential reading for students and clinicians at all levels”…. “a must-read” …. “step up, read this book, and feel yourself grow”