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CHAPTER 1  Audiologic Counseling Defined

CHAPTER 2  Emotional Responses to Hearing Loss

CHAPTER 3  Approaches to Counseling

CHAPTER 4  Building Patient-Centric Relationships

CHAPTER 5  The Initial Audiologic Consultation

CHAPTER 6  Counseling Considerations for the Pediatric Population

CHAPTER 7  Counseling Considerations for Teenage Patients

CHAPTER 8 Counseling Considerations for the Adult Population

CHAPTER 9  Counseling Considerations for Improved Hearing Aid Uptake

CHAPTER 10 Counseling Considerations for the Older Population

CHAPTER 11 Patient Education

CHAPTER 12 Counseling toward Better Communication

CHAPTER 13 Group Counseling within Hearing Loss Intervention

CHAPTER 14 Multicultural Issues in Patient Care

AFTERWORD  The Risk of Empathy Fatigue