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Third Edition Available Now


Written in an engaging and insightful style, this empowering book has application for teaching and clinical practice alike, with each chapter including vignettes, discussion questions and insightful learning activities. It is a rare gem in our field.

Gabriel Saunders, Ph.D. 

Eriksholm Research Center, Snellersten, Denmark

Past President, Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology 

This superb third edition of Counseling-Infused Audiologic Care is a masterful update that every audiology student and practitioner will find of value. Successful patient outcomes are dependent in some way on effective counseling, and using this text will help you understand and achieve improved personal interactions.

Jerry L. Northern, Ph.D. 

Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, CO

Past President, American Academy of Audiology 

Thoughtful clinicians are ever concerned that their counseling skills are adequate, appropriate, and informed. A careful reading of this book will certainly assist all in such an endeavor.

James Jerger, Ph.D.

Founding Father of the American Academy of Audiology

Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas 

The importance of the bio-psycho-social perspective in audiological counseling cannot be overestimated. This book offers a brilliant introduction into the why and how of person-centered care, and is a must-read for clinicians looking to apply person-centered methods and tools in their practice.

Lise Lotte Bundesen 

Managing Director, The Ida Institute

Naarum, Denmark 

The authors’ tireless work has contributed to the increasing groundswell of research, evidence and integration of counseling in audiologic care.

Melanie Gregory 

Chief Executive, The Ear Foundation

Nottingham, England

Drs. Clark and English have written what I believe to be the seminal work on the subject of audiologic counseling.

Frederick N. Martin, Ph.D.

Lille Hage Jamail Centennial Professor Emeritus

Communication Sciences and Disorders

The University of Texas at Austin 

In my experience, I have concluded that one intervention tool, counseling, is more important for audiologists than any current device or future technological advance. Drs. Clark and English have continued their writings on counseling in audiology drawing on abundant research documenting the remarkable impact counseling has on patient satisfaction and outcomes.

James W. Hall III, Ph.D. 

Professor, Salus University and University of Hawaii 

This book details our counseling goals, has measures of one’s current stage of achievement and then suggests ways to improve counseling skills. Counseling-Infused Audiologic Care is essential reading for all new and experienced audiology personnel. Step up, read this book and feel yourself grow.

Jeanine Doherty, Au.D.

Hearing Excellence, Owner

Christchurch, New Zealand

Leading experts in rehabilitative audiology, Professors Clark and English take on the challenging task of demystifying the complex interactions between patients and audiologists, and the result is a work unmatched in quality.

Gurjit Singh, Ph.D. 

Senior Research Audiologist, Phonak AG

Adjunct Professor, Ryerson University

Past President, Canadian Academy of Audiology 

Counseling-Infused Audiologic Care is a must have text. This book will guide you through essential information to help you embrace counseling, and understand why it is critical to form meaningful partnerships with your patients and their families.

Karen Muñoz, Ed.D. 

Professor, Chair

Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Utah State University